Kenan Šutković is an artist and designer from Vienna. He is originally educated at the Vienna Art School and studied ceramics, design&space and graphic design. In 2017 he formed Studio Maskuma to work on autonomous projects. His work includes objects, drawings, installations and photographs. He also founded the visual branding atelier Süden. If interested get in touch for collaborations, commissions or ideas.


The work can be described as an artistic practice with a connection to anthropology, biology and geology. The interaction, examination and intervention of contexts and materials shape his artworks. By focussing on the synthesis of natural, cultural and artistic forms, the attempt is to have a multiversal understanding of things. He links the past to contemporary subjects, transporting new insights of values, attitudes, experiences and perspectives.

The topics aim to the progression of social practice by questioning and pushing the boundaries of aesthetics on an ethical and political position. With his experimental studies he opens possibilities of new thinking and living. His motivation is to reveal alternative, hybrid ideas for humans and our surroundings.

Kenan Šutković

Kenan Šutković