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Spatial Security

A space is a constructed place that can be defined by the perception of the human being. A space communicates its properties on the basis of its physical conditions and its aesthetic attributes. The political and cultural development established a private and a social space. Similarly, there is a legal system in which the "possession of a space" is defined. This possession is defined by the "rule of the thing". Thus, the owner has this particular space "in his power". To ensure this power and to ensure that it persists, this space is legally attributed to the person. In addition, an object is needed for a room. A tool to gain entry, to protect against unauthorized entry and to pass on the possession of a room. The key. In order to fulfill its function, a room needs a passage and a lock which is attached to a latch. The key is essential to be able to attribute security to a room. Thus, he forms an invisible bond of a territorial power position. Therefore, in the figurative sense, the key is the translation of a legitimizing sign for spatial exercise of power. Apart from the key, other objects that are not directly or materially related to security can give that security to a living space.

Four essential interior objects based on the essay "Spatial Security".


PDF of the essay in German



Kenan Šutković